Wage: contractual


  • Ensure uninterrupted operation, proper operation, repair and modernization of energy equipment, electrical and heating networks, air and gas pipelines.
  • Determine production needs for fuel and energy resources.
  • Draw up applications for the purchase of equipment, materials, spare parts necessary for the operation of the energy sector.
  • Draw up schedules for reducing energy loads during hours of maximum load on the energy system and ensure their implementation within the limits determined for the enterprise division, carries out certification of energy, electrical and environmental installations installed at the enterprise.
  • Participate in testing and acceptance of power plants and networks for industrial operation, in examining the causes of accidents of power equipment and developing measures to prevent them and create safe working conditions.
  • Carry out technical supervision of instrumentation, electrical and thermal equipment used at the enterprise, as well as ensure the preparation of boilers, pressure vessels, steam and hot water pipelines, electrical installations and other energy facilities for acceptance into operation, inspection and examination by state supervisory authorities.
  • Monitor compliance with instructions for operation, maintenance and supervision of energy equipment and electrical networks.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of standards and technical specifications for power equipment.
  • Prepare the necessary materials for concluding contracts for equipment repairs with contractors.
  • Monitor the implementation of major and other repairs of power equipment.
  • Ensure compliance with labor safety rules and regulations during the operation and repair of power plants and networks.
  • Prepare reports according to approved forms and indicators.


  • Higher vocational (technical) education
  • Work experience in the specialty in engineering, technical and managerial positions in the relevant profile of the enterprise for at least 3 years


  • Official employment
  • Working hours 5/2
  • Decent salary
  • Canteen on site
  • Private parking available
  • New Year's gifts for children
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